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Settlements and Workers’ Compensation

In a Workers’ Compensation case, there are two outcomes, your case can result in either an Award or in a Compromise and Release.


This type of settlement is favored by injured workers who are in need of lengthy medical care. In the case of an Award, your employer’s insurance company will be responsible for continuing to provide for your medical care. This will continue for as long as necessary. Aside from this, the Award also provides you with monetary compensation for the time you are not able to work due to this injury. This monetary award is given to you weekly, and depending on the magnitude of the disability, that will determine how long you receive this benefit for. Often times many workers receive it until they are able to return to work, however, if because of your work injury you can no longer work, then you will qualify to receive this monetary benefit indefinitely.

Compromise and Release

If this settlement is reached, then you will receive a fairly large sum of money, but you are not entitled to any future medical care, and the case is closed or good. This settlement will only occur if both you the injured worker and your employer or their insurance company reach an agreement on a specific amount. In the case of this settlement, the amount both parties agree on is final, whereas if you get an Award you have the right to reopen your case within five years for new or further disabilities.

An Attorney Can Advise You

Each case is unique, and depending on your circumstances, one settlement will always benefit you more than another. It is because of this that an attorney can be helpful. If you reach an Award, an attorney should be there to make certain your future medical treatment is preserved, as well as the appropriate monetary compensation for you. In a Compromise and Release settlement, your attorney needs to ensure the highest settlement amount possible.

Here at the Law Office of Maurice L. Abarr we have helped injured workers get the settlements and awards they deserve for over 43 years. We offer free consultations to answer any questions or concerns on your case. Reach out to us, we are here to help you.


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