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"Together We Served" Website -- Useful for Buddy Statements

For a limited time only the website "Together We Served" is offering a free premium one-year membership for Veterans. This website allows you to keep in touch with all your friends and colleagues from your time in service, assuming they have also signed up for this service. 

Many Veterans lose contact with members they shared some of their most memorable experiences with, especially if it was before the digital boom that came with social media, emails, Skype, etc. Or maybe it’s the opposite and you keep in contact with everyone you were friends with, but this website allows for someone you probably weren’t close to, to contact you. If you want to use this website to contact someone all you need to do is enter their service history in the search bar -- amazingly it has Veterans all the way back to WWII. It’s also great if you can’t remember a service member’s name, but remember what unit, basic training, or operations they served in. 

In fact, if you are one of the many Veterans who are in need of a Buddy statement, but can’t seem to track down the person you are looking for, this website opens a lot of opportunities for you to locate them either directly or through other service members they were close to that might have their information. It takes off one less worry for you and you might be able to get the buddy statements that advances your claim

If you want to benefit from this great website too, just follow the link and sign up!


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