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Make your C&P Exam really count

A Compensation and Pension exam (C&P) is an exam used to evaluate the current condition of a Veteran being considered for a VA disability. The exam is frequently the first step after you have filed your claim.  It is performed by a VA examiner or an outside contracted physician. It is also normal to have more than one appointment scheduled, especially if you have multiple medical conditions. Regardless of how many appointments you get, you must go to all of them.  However, it is not mandatory that you go to the same doctor. 

If the Veteran feels like they weren’t treated right, were mocked, or didn’t get along with any of the staff at the clinic, they can request a different examiner for their next C&P exam. In order to do this, they must cancel their appointment ahead of time.   Usually, the Veteran can do schedule with a different doctor or clinic by asking the person scheduling the appointment if they are getting the same doctor/clinic as before and if they are, ask them to give you a different one.  There should be no problem changing the examiner as the VA has done this for many Veterans.

Another way to make your exam more convenient for you is by asking for a location which is relatively close to you. Many times the VA will give you a location that will make things easier for them, but not for you, even making some Veterans drive for hours. You don’t have to go to the location they give you if you think it is too far for you.   It is recommended that you call the VA and ask them to change to a location closer to your residence. They have VA facilities and private doctors all around the country, so there should be at least one that is closer to you. Just tell the VA that it is too far for you and you can’t drive for that long, don’t have a ride to take you, or don’t drive at all and it is simply too hard for you to get there.

Hopefully, with this advice you are able to make your C&P exam more convenient for yourself, just remember to relax and show up to the exam.

P.S.  If we represent you on an appeal of the disability which is being evaluated in a new C&P exam, we routinely spend some time with the Veteran Client to make certain that he or she are refreshed on the points which are most important in the exam.


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