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Employers’ Unfair Response to a Work Injury

More often than not, if you are injured on the job, your employer will be helpful and do what they can to ensure your smooth recovery. There are however those cases where the employer does not lend a helping hand, but instead seems to throw obstacles in your direction and make accusations and statements about your claim and case.

For example, they may insist your injury is not that serious, or that the said injury already existed before you started working for them. They also may accuse you of filing your workers’ compensation claim late, or insist the injury did not happen at work. This however should not stop you, despite their accusations and claims, you can still get the benefits and compensation you deserve!

Bottom Line: File your workers’ compensation claim, no matter what your employer states or suggest about you and/or your injury. You have the right to Workers’ Compensation benefits at no risk of getting fired, arrested, or deported. Contact us, we are here to make sure your unfair employer does not take advantage of you by stopping you from getting the benefits you deserve. We are here to help, together we can protect your rights.


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