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Can Workers Comp Help With My Addiction Recovery

A large number of workers are prescribed painkillers to help manage the pain from an accident on the job. Unfortunately, many of these workers become addicted to these opioids. On the positive side, the number of opioids that are prescribed to California workers is declining, but addiction to these drugs is still a major problem. The good news is that California labor laws mandate that employers provide coverage for employees who have become addicted to painkillers as part of their workers' compensation benefit plan.

How an Injury Becomes an Addiction

A majority of heroin addictions now begin with the use of prescription painkillers. Anytime opioids are prescribed, the patient needs to be closely monitored to prevent addiction. Unfortunately, these drugs are so addictive that even when they're properly managed by a medical professional, addiction is still highly possible. In many cases, physicians simply write a prescription and send the patient on his or her way. Although things like personal history and length of time on the drugs can be a factor in addiction, there's really no accurate predictors as to who will fall victim to addiction. The opioid epidemic is a nationwide problem and considered by health officials as the worst drug crisis in American history. Unfortunately, little ground is being gained in winning this battle.


Will Workers Comp Pay for Addiction Treatment?

California workers who become addicted to opioids can rest assured that state laws do require that workers' compensation covers the costs of addiction treatment. This can be anything from an outpatient management program to inpatient detoxification. The goal is to provide reasonable medical treatment to assist the employee with recovery. It's important to remember that many patients become addicted through no fault of their own.


Getting Help

While California law mandates workers' compensation include opioid addiction coverage, not all employers will do the right thing. This is when getting the help of an experienced attorney who specializes in workers' compensation may be needed. An attorney will be familiar with the complexities of the laws and how they relate to opioid addiction. He or she can assist you in getting the help you need and any additional monetary compensation that you may be entitled to. So, it's important that if you've fallen victim to addiction to contact an attorney as soon as possible to see what your options are. Unfortunately, you can't assume that your employer or insurance company will have your best interests in mind.


In closing, opioid addiction has become a major crisis in America. Many of these cases develop from people who are prescribed these drugs by a doctor. Most of these people never had any drug dependency issues in their history. The truth is that these drugs are very addictive, and many patients become addicted despite having no intentions of doing so. Fortunately, workers in California can get treatment help through their workers' compensation benefits. It's important to seek the help of a workers' compensation attorney immediately if you become addicted to opioids to ensure that you're getting the help and compensation that you deserve.


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