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Occupational Disease and Workers’ Compensation

Your working conditions play a crucial role on your health and well being, especially because they can cause an occupational disease. An occupational disease is an illness, or disease, that is a result of your work, and/or working conditions. These occupational diseases are covered by Workers’ Compensation, however it is a little more difficult to prove this claim. In order to help get your benefits, be sure to report your occupational disease as soon as you can. Usually, you have two years to report and file your claim, from the date you got the disease, or from the date you realized your illness was connected to your work.

Some examples of occupational disease include asbestos, tuberculosis, or hepatitis. In order to get your Workers’ Compensation benefits, you must be able to prove this. To do this you must generate the link between your occupational duties and/or the environment, and your disease. For example, a construction worker who was demolishing an old building and thus got asbestos, or dishwasher who contracts dermatitis due to the chemicals and soaps they use. Those are examples of possible links proving the work led to contracting a diseases.

If you feel like your disease is related to your occupation, but are having trouble proving or linking the two together, contact us and we are happy to help. We have helped injured workers get their benefits for 43 years, your benefits and rights matter, we are here to serve you. Contact us for a free consultation.


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