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Can I Get Other Benefits Besides Workers' Compensation?

Recently I was asked if an injured worker can get other benefits besides Worker’s Compensation. Well first of all, let me say that I am a Worker’s Compensation lawyer, and I also represent Veterans appealing their disability claims with the VA. That is my wheelhouse: California Workers’ Compensation and Veterans appeals. Right now I am only going to discuss California Workers’ Compensation and what benefits outside of Workers’ Compensation might be available, with the caveat that I do not practice in other areas. However I’ve been practicing for approximately 44 years now, so I have seen a lot of cases and I know of a lot of outside benefits that may be available to the injured worker.

This is especially true if you have what may be a career ending or work ending injury. You have got to plan ahead, you must think what is my future here? If this looks like you are in the end of employment, at least the usual 40 hour a week kind of employment, for the rest of your life you need to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits right away. We just call it SSDI. Now do not get that confused with SDI, which is California’s disability insurance. SSDI is Social Security disability and it is for that person that has been so injured that they are unable to perform substantial gainful employment.This is something that you need to get started, in terms of an application with the government, as soon as you know you have an injury of that degree, given it takes several months to get that benefit coming your way.

Workers compensation, as you’ll learn, only provides up to two years of temporary disability benefits. Potentially, you may receive another year of state benefits after that. Depending on how much accumulated earnings you have with past employment, but at the most you got three years of running distance. Within that time, you can easily eat up two years of the that just applying for Social Security disability so again I urge you to start it right away. Typically, Social Security sends us a letter, if we are representing the injured worker, and they ask for copies of your medical records-which of course we always provide and that usually helps with getting the case approved.

Our law office has many years of experience. We've seen it all. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


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