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What happens when I contact Maurice L. Abarr-Lawyer, Inc. to assist me in appealing my VA decision?

Please know that contacting our office for a free case evaluation does not require you to hire us. The following steps will take place once you reach out to us:

1.Our VA Administrative Specialist, Ashley Rodriguez, will be in touch with you and send you a standard questionnaire that will help us understand your situation.

2.Once the questionnaire has been returned to us, we will review the case and follow-up with any additional questions that may arise. Our goal during this phase of the case evaluation is to understand if and how we can assist you.

3.If it is determined, based on the information you have provided to us, that it would be beneficial for us to assist you, we will ask you to meet with Maurice L. Abarr, the attorney, to discuss this possibility and see if you would like to hire us.

4.If you decide you would like to hire us to assist you with your case, a contract will be signed that defines the compensation for Maurice. L Abarr- Lawyer, Inc. along with other aspects of the attorney-client relationship. 

5.Once a contract is signed and an attorney-client relationship is established, we begin to work on appealing your VA decision.**

6.The VA will eventually come to a decision on your appeal, though this may take quite a bit of time. Once they come to a decision, you will receive compensation from the VA from which you will compensate Maurice L. Abarr - Lawyer, Inc. based on the contract signed in Step 4 above.**

**Note: While we are not compensated until your appeal is decided and you receive compensation yourself, there may be costs that arise during your appeal for Summarizing Medical Records. A Professional Medical Reviewer will do this work and will need to be compensated for his/her time (another option is to have a Doctor summarize the medical records but this tends to be a very expensive approach, which is why we suggest going with a Professional Medical Reviewer).


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