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Was your sleep apnea denied as a service-connected disability?

It is no easy task to prove sleep apnea is a service connected disability because it is a complex medical condition that is different with every veteran. In fact, it is very common for the BVA to deny your VA benefits as they do not have the full understanding of how sleep apnea occurs and affects each veteran.

With this in mind, you must provide solid evidence supporting your claim that will make it easier for the VA to examine your claim. There is no easy way around this, it is not just enough to state you have sleep apnea with CPAP and hope they grant you a high rating. You must obtain solid medical evidence demonstrating when your sleep apnea first began, present and assess the history of your symptoms, and have a good understanding of the cause/origin of your sleep apnea. In addition, you need a good medical opinion that shows how your sleep apnea is service related and how it affects your daily life.

If you need help getting your sleep apnea service-connected -- after the VA has issued its Decision denying service connection -- please give our office a call and let us see if we can help you make your case.


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