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Suicide: An Unfortunate Consequence of Untreated Mental Disorder

Last month at the Cleveland VA Medical Center a veteran took his own life. In fact, this year alone seven veterans took their own life on VA properties, arguably places where they were supposed to receive help. This is why the VA has reiterated their commitment to suicide prevention as the VA’s top clinical priority.

What is more, there has been much debate around suicides committed by veterans not receiving healthcare. The VA argues that it will reduce the suicides by accepting all veterans into the VA system and giving them access to various resources. What this suggests is that by pushing all veterans onto the system for health care it would provide the answer to veteran suicide. The problem is about 2/3 of veterans in the VA system receive no health care, thus the problem still stands: How will they help prevent veteran suicides?

Furthermore, Congresswoman Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Ohio spoke about the incident stating that “the level of pain that brings someone to suicide is fortunately unimaginable to many of us… that is why [she is] working closely with colleagues in the House and Senate to take decisive action to investigate and bring to an end the epidemic of veteran suicide.” This is but one of the reasons why veterans need better health care and more awareness to mental health issues as many find it hard to talk about it. VA officials must find a way to address this issue in a different way because what has been done before is still not working.

If you or a loved one has been denied or given an inappropriately low percentage of disability for a Mental Disorder brought about in part by their time in the military, please consider contacting our office for assistance in appealing the VA Decision on their claim for disability.  There is no charge for an initial interview and strategy session with Mr. Abarr.


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