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The most important advice I can possibly offer you is this:

DON’T discuss your claim or injury with anyone other than your spouse.

DON’T sign any document about your claim or injury for anyone until you’ve consulted an attorney who specializes in cases like yours.

DON’T give a written or recorded statement to anyone before you consult with an attorney.

DO seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

DO tell all medical personnel you encounter after your injury each and every symptom and complaint you have.

Why? It’s simple—you risk unnecessarily complicating your case and possibly causing a much less favorable outcome.

If you’re reading this, it’s because you need help. My team and I are here to provide it. You’ve probably suffered enough already. Tell us about your case.

Yours faithfully,
Maurice L. Abarr, Esq.

PS: There is a wealth of information available to you in my Blogs. Topics applicable to Veterans Disability and to Workers Compensation cases will provide valuable insights about issues you or a loved-one may be facing. Take a moment to scan the Blog headlines.

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