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The “band of brothers/sisters” loyalty that binds military veterans is one of the strongest and most enduring. Veterans like you are also voters. Moreover, you have the same right to petition our elected representatives as every other American citizen. This is one of those times. Consider this notice from the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association:

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Agent Orange is an insidious poison with far reaching and long-term implications. Urging congressional support for Senate bill S-422 and House of Representatives bill HR-299 is your opportunity to make a difference for comrades-in-arms. We urge you to NOT delay in making your sentiments about these bills known to your Senators and your Congressional Representative. More information is available here.

The Bottom Line: If you’ve had such exposure and had your claim for disability denied or undervalued, contact us for a free case evaluation. We have the specialized skills to help you get a fair deal.

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