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Seasons Greetings

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Our clients come from diverse backgrounds. What they have in common is injury and a need for fair redress. So, whatever you celebrate and however you do it, my staff and I sincerely wish you a safe and joyous holiday season. If we can help you or a loved one in the new year, let us know. There’s never a charge for case evaluations—whether you’re an injured worker or an injured military veteran. We’re here for you.

Best wishes,
Maurice L. Abarr, Esq.


NOTICE: Making a false or fraudulent Workers Compensation claim is a felony subject to up to 5 years in prison or a fine of up to $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine.

Veterans Day 2017 Reflections

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An Appreciation…

Today is the day Americans formally remember the debt owed to their military service members—my staff and me, amongst them. It began as “Armistice Day”—commemorating the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month when WWI ended in 1918. The “Great War,” as it was then known, was supposed to be the war that ended all war.

Like soldiers from that time, you served. You put life and limb at risk. You did your best to honor the commitment you made when you became a member of the United States armed forces. Some of you paid a very high price indeed. Others you served with paid the ultimate price. Some of you cope with lingering injuries to mind and body that are the legacy of your military service. In addition to respect, you deserve a fair shake. “Thanks” is simply not enough.

The Bottom Line: We understand the frustration you and your loved-ones experience when a service-related injury claim is under-valued or denied outright by the VA. We can help. Contact us for a free case evaluation.

New PBS Documentary Examines U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

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More help from Maurice…

The Public Broadcasting Corporation (PBS), known for its excellence in documentary programming, will be broadcasting a new production “The Human Cost of War” that examines the Department of Veterans Affairs and how well it handles the needs of those who’ve served in the nation’s armed forces. In the greater Los Angeles area, it will premiere on KOCE Channel 50 at 9:00 pm this evening (6 November 2016). Additional broadcasts are scheduled for the following dates/times:

7 Nov, 3:00 AM
10 Nov, 3:00 PM
11 Nov, 5:00 AM

I have not been accorded the opportunity to preview this production, but will be tuned-in and also recording it. If you’re unable to view it tonight, you may be able to schedule it for recording during its run. In keeping with PBS norms, the program is likely to be broadcast at some point on the two minor PBS affiliates that also serve our area, KVCR Channel 24 and KLCS Channel 58.

The Bottom Line: Veterans often don’t get a fair shake from the VA. My staff and I pride ourselves in having the unique skills and insights to enable veterans who have had their claims denied or under-valued to get a square deal. Contact us for a free case evaluation, should you find yourself or a loved one to be in need.

Multiple Impairments Figure Into Disability Rates & Payments

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More Help From Maurice…

Your service-related disability may not be just one condition. Consequently, the Veterans Administration makes provision for a range of conditions—multiple conditions, in this instance—in its disability percentages and its compensation tables. Each valid condition will be assigned a percentage. These can be ‘totaled’ to arrive at a final number. Actually, getting to the final percentage where multiple impairments are involved is more than simple addition. It’s actually a formalized combination. For example, if you have 70% for PTSD, plus 20% for your knee, and an additional 20% for your back, the final rating will be 80%. But, at 80%, you would need another 30% in a different body part to get to 90%, plus another 60% in some other body part to get to 100%. As you can see, it’s rather complicated.

The Bottom Line: Each veteran’s case is unique. Navigating these waters is what my staff and I do. We have the skills and resources to see your case through, while protecting your rights. You need not worry about complexities such as these. That’s our job. Contact us for a free case evaluation. We’re here to help you.

Locating The VA’s Benefits Rate Tables

Written by Maurice Abarr on . Posted in Veterans Disability

More help from Maurice…

If you’re reading this, it probably because you have a need to do so. Fortunately, information about the dollar value of benefits available to veterans with disabilities and/or their survivors is relatively easy to access. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ website has it all—and more. Here’s the path:

Enter in your web browser
Click on “Disability Compensation”
Click on “Benefit Rates”

You will see the VA’s range of current Benefit Rate categories. Simply click on those of interest and the applicable tables will appear. You will see that the rate tables are organized according the percentage of disability—which was explained in my previous blog, entitled “Disability Levels ~ How The Veterans Administration Evaluates Cases.” You can view this blog by scrolling down.

Of course, you can simply use this LINK and be immediately transported to this part of the VA website.
Either way, you’ll want to bookmark the page in your web browser for easy access in the future.

The Bottom Line: This is the valuation the VA places on a broad range of veterans disabilities and circumstances. Pursuing them can be daunting. And, you certainly deserve a fair shake from the system if you are denied or wrongly classified. We understand the process and how to protect your rights. Contact us for a free case evaluation.

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