“With one court appearance and a couple of phone calls, Mr. Abarr put a swift end to Liberty Mutual’s protracted obdurate and intransigent handling of my Workers Comp. insurance claim and obtained a satisfactory settlement for me.” ~ Max (Workers Compensation client)

“I started working with Mr. Abarr’s law firm in November, 2012. I had applied for benefits earlier myself and was not having too much success. The process needed to be addressed on multiple claims and was not sure if I was giving the right information or being correct on how I was presenting my case. I decided to try to locate a VA Law Firm that would help me put everything in order to give me a good chance to succeed. I called one attorney in Santa Ana, CA and he recommended Mr. Abarr. I finally found the Abarr Law Offices on East SandPointe Ave. in Santa Ana. He and his staff helped me so much on deciding if I had sufficient records to go forward and file for Heart, PTSD and Knee Injuries. The decision to use Mr. Abarr, has turned out to be the smartest move I made to present my case to the VA using his legal expertise in the Veterans Disability area. He had left no stone unturned and currently at 100% rating with retroactive pay. He is still working on appeals going back to previous years. I recommend any veteran to take the time to talk to Mr. Abarr and let him tell you the best course of action that will benefit the rest of your life.” ~ David (Veterans Disability client)

“Maurice Abarr is an excellent and friendly attorney that tells it how it is and helps you through the very difficult process of worker’s compensation law. Having known Maurice since 1984, I had assumed he may have retired from practice, so when it came time in 2015 to reach out to a lawyer in relation to a workers comp issue, I called what I was told was a high ranking attorney. The person I had called reviewed my information and informed me that I had no case and I should just find another job and move on with life. Taking a shot that Maurice was still practicing I looked him up. Maurice’s first response was not like that other lawyer I spoke to, who was more concerned about money, Maurice asked me about my health and what I felt would make me more comfortable. During my first meeting, Maurice made me feel comfortable and confident that he was on top of all the new regulations that are in place in relation to California Workers Compensation law. Over the 11-months Maurice kept me informed on the process and guided me to what would be my best resolution of my case. Unlike other lawyers, he kept me grounded, being upfront and honest about what to expect from the settlement, most other lawyers would place dreams of winning millions and retiring, Maurice keeps it honest and to the point. With being upfront Maurice gives you references to confirm in the information he is giving you, to ensure you completely are in the know of what is taking place, I could not recommend a better lawyer than Maurice, he is a hard worker, honest and friendly person.” ~ William (Workers Compensation client)

“I retired in 2002 with several medical issues. The VSO assisted me in getting initially rated 70% and I went online a few years later and was able to get increased to 80%. Over the past several years my medical issues increased and I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). I tried getting the PD service connected via the eBenefits program, but was denied. I decided to appeal the VAs decision and attempted to contact the a VSO for assistance, but was told by several that they could not help me out. Next I started to contact the VA accredited lawyers listed with the VA. All of them turned me down for some reason or another, until I came across the office of Maurice Abarr. I met with Mr. Abarr and he agreed to take on my case. His office handled everything! After just over 2 years of effort, I was classified Total Disability Based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU) and am now receiving compensation at the 100% rate. It was well worth the fees incurred to have my claim handled by a professional who knows the procedures and has a heart for the veteran. Even though my classification has been handled, Mr. Abarr has gone above and beyond by continuing to pursue the PD being service connected. I highly recommend Mr. Abarr and his staff.” ~ Michael (Veterans Disability client)

“Mr. Abarr took my case and helped guide me through the toughest time in my life. Mr. Abarr got me the best care in southern California. After being in a trucking accident where I suffered a traumatic brain injury. Maurice had my back from day one. He loves to help people and so does his staff. Maurice you are my hero! Thank you for everything.” ~ Craig (Workers Compensation client)

“Mr. Abarr helped my husband and myself throughout our case every step of the way. He is a kind, sensitive and a very knowledgeable person and lawyer! I’m very proud of the way Mr. Abarr and his staff handled our case. We couldn’t have done it without them. Best lawyer that you could ask for with a beautiful soul that really cares for his clients. He will do whatever it takes to get you the information and care that is needed for your case. He’s a very hands on lawyer that truly cares for people.” ~ Ginger (Workers Compensation client)

“During one of the most difficult times of my life, Mr. Abarr and his more than capable staff were there for me. Honest, professional and knowledgeable is how I would describe Mr. Abarr. My family and I will always be grateful for his guidance, quick wit and end result of my case.” ~ Jason (Workers Compensation client)

“Mr Abarr, had taken over my case and it was not an easy one! The day when we interviewed each other I prayed he would take my case, I had other lawyers but he was the one but when I met the office staff I knew it was a package deal and I was so please when he said he would take the case, It took some time to get the job done but Mr Abarr and the staff got the job done with a 1005 [2005] disability, Mr Abarr fought for me every step of the way and I thank him so much! He is big on communication along with the staff, and with and letting you know what was happening with your case at all times! Again Thank you so much for all that you have Done for me!” ~ Anna (Workers Compensation client)

“Mr. Abarr is a wonderful, patient, and very knowledgeable attorney. I very much appreciate that he takes the time needed to break down in “lay man’s” terms legal jargon. Although, we as clients, are the ultimate decision makers in legal cases on how we want or should proceed, his explanations of the legal judicial system allow us to make informed decisions. Although he has a very busy schedule, he makes the time to respond to phone calls and emails in a very timely manner. No matter what the issue was at hand, Mr. Abarr took the time to make sure I was informed and clarified the answers to the questions I posed. He is a very trustworthy attorney and I would highly recommend him to everyone.” ~ Patricia (Workers Compensation client)

“Maurice went above and beyond in assisting me on my workers compensation case. He kept me informed and even called after hours to answers my questions. I would recommend Maurice because he is professional, knowledgable, honest but most of all because I feel he truly cares about his clients. He certainly cared about my concerns and answered all my questions. His office is staff is fantastic and always very helpful.” ~ Veronica (Workers Compensation client)

“Over the past twenty years I have consulted and hired Maurice Abarr on several occasions for legal issues regarding my business and personal matters. I have found Mr. Abarr to be straight forward, honest and extremely knowledgeable. As a bonus, his staff is professional and kind. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal help. ~ Darrin (Workers Compensation client)


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